9Y40 (2013)

36:40, Stereo Audio


After completing the licensing process to become an official New York City taxi driver, Daniel J Wilson drove a yellow cab for one month, seven days a week, from 5pm to 5am.

During this time Wilson covertly recorded the conversations of the passengers (among themselves) who rode his my cab. After a minor legal imbroglio and a placement with the Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts, Wilson took the dozens of hours of recordings and edited them together into a 37-minute audio collage.

The audio work exists as an aural portrait of the city of New York, created from the one venue in the city that cuts through the various age-based, industry-based, income-based strata of the city: the back seat of a yellow cab.

The integrated conversations and comments of these disparate individuals circulate in and out, in a construction of both juxtaposition and accordance, over the span of the composition.

The audio piece is presented in situ; in the back seat of a taxi cab.

For information on experiencing the piece yourself, please see Performance.

For videos documenting the method of collecting the daily recordings as well as the process of getting my yellow cab license and becoming a driver, please see Video.

For information on the artist go here.